Courtney Paige Adams is an artist, expressionist, and poet. Her first independant work of literature The Darker Side of The Rainbow will be published this year. Her writings have been published in various platforms since early childhood. She was also placed in many gifted and talented programs for the art of storytelling and expression, before joining the international high IQ society known as MENSA in 2015.  she joined her first acting class in 2017  after attending Baylor University in the studies of Education and Anthropology . Schooled in studio dance from the age of 7-14 her showmanship and performance abilities blossomed in the world of dance and music. But her passion was always for culture, and the arts.  Chasing summer is about finding magic through the eyes of gratitude and being able to share that vision through the art of expression.


Photo Taken in San Angelo Texas by

Photographer: Tim Peevy