Take 1

I stay busy. I am just a really proactive person, and so I like to constantly develop myself, whether its learning to cook new recipes, or leveling up with some amazing mindset coaches.

My newest endeavor has been to take up an acting class.  There is nothing wrong with learning how to thoroughly express yourself!

In fact, I think that’s the point here!

I attended my first session earlier this week, and I really loved the experience. I’m thinking back to an acting workshop I did at a comic con one time that was an improv class with Christopher Reed. That class was a ton of laughs, funny games and scenario challenges, we spent the hour laughing and learning to be quick on our feet and build rapport. It was a lighthearted environment and I had a total blast! This class is a little different. Its more focused and intentional. I got my monologue piece at the beginning of class. I probably spent most of the class being nervous and trying to pep talk myself into a state of calm. I was also observing the skills and interactions of the other students in the class!  I think in that type of a setting you experience alot of emotions in a short time, kind of like watching intense pieces from different genres of movies, and feeling the emotions. When it was  my turn to read I barely memorized my piece. That’s ok , I’ll have a few more weeks to work on it. 😉  I do want to mention that the character in this piece I really love. She is a singer, who’s having a hard time connecting, particularly in romance. She has a good relationship with herself and her mother, I can relate to that!   Acting is about really knowing yourself, and having true emotions. I’m learning alot, and my coach left me with some encouraging words! I wish I had a video clip or more photos to share, which I will definitely do next time! In the meantime I’ll share   this poetically authentic expression captured by G.Alvarez Photo.  Dare to dream, dare to chase, dare to live. until next time .

-Be inspired

XO Courtney

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