New Art!

I have been traveling around the past few years, sharing my artwork at different shows and galleries. It was exciting when my birds got published in Bevie magazine, and I got invited to the traveling popup art show Pancakes and Booze!  I am currently moving some things around, and these are a few of my favorite paintings that have stayed with me over the years (probably because I overpriced them, because they mean so much to me!) Anyways, I am making them available for purchase at a lower rate because I feel that its time to make new art and expand my creative expression even further.  So here they are !  Flat rate with free shipping on any of these pieces just click the button. Send me a message if you’d like to commission something a little more personal ❤ And keep watching for my next art show its coming up soon!! ❤ ❤  PS. if you cant find the button and your interested in one of these pieces send me a message.  If you don’t love them, leave them alone ;-P ❤ !

feature photo by John John Montelongo 

  • until next time -XO
  • -Courtney

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