Urban Affairs

“Stop! Collaborate and listen!” – Vanilla Ice

I got a phone call from one of my favorites “you wanna shoot tomorrow”  “Sure , why not”  I love working with Gabe . He was the photographer that did my very first photo session and we have built a nice relationship through the art we create.  From our first session in an empty warehouse, to an adventurous fiasco in the rain, I have learned alot about capturing great imagery and self expression. This session involved another model  Tyesha Saucedo,  who, is very cool by the way.

I was waiting at the local starbucks for about half an hour beforehand, which didn’t bother me .. I enjoy taking a little extra time to write in my journal.   We didn’t really need anything other than a blank grey wall and some charisma for this shoot. Gabe will poke fun at all the things that models should bring to their shoots (a lint roller for one ), and  any prop items that can be used for staging and interaction. In this photo we made use of keys, a purse and phone, as well as a denim hat and some theatrical shoes and big sunglasses.  I love working with other models, because I feel like its an interesting experience to interact with another artists expression. I really love this set themed from the 90’s , one of the images in particular reminds me of a poem I wrote that will have to go in my next edition of poetry.    I’ll share it with you for the sake of the photo so here it is  Its called “wind” and everything gets blown away, just like the 90’s … until next time – XO -Courtney


I won’t say goodbye.

That isn’t my word.

I don’t lose , I just learn,

So ill win,

Said the bird..

The cat said nothing,

As it crept slowly by,

I can’t help but overhear, though I’ll try not to pry

Said the rat,as he straightened his hat

And tucked his briefcase underarm

Inconspicuously so as not to cause an alarm

The dog licked his lips and scratched his ears,

I suppose he too was trying to hear…

When suddenly they all disappeared..

They were gone in the blink of an eye

The wind blew them away….

And they didn’t even get to say goodbye.

#imaginaryfriends #busstop #justanotherdayunderthisbigbluesky

-XO Courtney


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