Spa Day


This is way too cool to not talk about it on the blog !  One of the perks of being a model is getting to attend neat shows or demonstrations, or cool freebies like this one!  My makeup artist Vanessa Sansivirini , who you may remember from the RAW artists art show last season, is also an aesthetics specialist  at Kalologie 360 spa , where I got to enjoy a full service facial to include an enzyme mask, pore refining scrub, and high frequency skin treatment, to leave me feeling refreshed and fabulous! I love wearing the extravagant costume makeup and glamour get up for my shoots, but I need to maintain an extra vigilant skin care routine in order to make it up to my skin. Vanessa is an amazing makeup artist and nobody else would know about my skin better than her since we have had the opportunity to work together often.  She dazzles me up for my shoots and keeps me feeling fresh and clean in between.

Here’s a photo from the RAW artists art show where Vanessa did some fabulous makeup artistry!

#getpampered #spaday ❤



Feature photo at the top taken by Jaime Ibarra 2017.

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