Take 1

I stay busy. I am just a really proactive person, and so I like to constantly develop myself, whether its learning to cook new recipes, or leveling up with some amazing mindset coaches. My newest endeavor has been to take up an acting class.  There is nothing wrong with learning how to thoroughly express yourself! […]

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This Ones For Me

I think the worst thing in the world is feeling like other people don’t know who you really are. They get caught up trying to make up a story that fits what makes sense to them, and we get lost trying to be that person, or fighting to set ourselves free from that image. I […]

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New Art!

I have been traveling around the past few years, sharing my artwork at different shows and galleries. It was exciting when my birds got published in Bevie magazine, and I got invited to the traveling popup art show Pancakes and Booze!  I am currently moving some things around, and these are a few of my […]

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Urban Affairs

I was waiting at the local starbucks for about half an hour beforehand, which didn’t bother me .. I enjoy taking a little extra time to write in my journal….

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Spa Day

I love wearing the extravagant costume makeup and glamour get up for my shoots, but I need to maintain an extra vigilant skin care routine in order to make it up to my skin. Vanessa is an amazing makeup artist and nobody else would know about my skin better than her

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Sweet September

“That is the smell of pumpkin latte” Sweet September kisses the warm summer nights goodbye, and brings in its own shade of ambiance. This is my very first post on my new blog. I always told myself that I wanted to be a migratory species, because I just want to stay in the sunshine all the time!

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